New means of contributing back to the society

by connecting communities, donors and charities


Users participate in a challenge for a good cause

It only takes minutes to complete a challenge. Each challenge campaign is endorsed by ONE charity and ONE donor. Select a challenge campaign, do the challenge, nominate your friends and voila! Yippee will convert your social post into monetary terms and donate them to the tied charity. Zero monetary contribution is needed on your end at all!


A donor will donate to a charity on behalf of users

Leave the fundraising part to us, you just have to tell everyone about the amazing campaign that you’re supporting. The more people complete a challenge, the faster the charity will receive the funds.


See exactly where the fund goes and how it helps

Users can also read more on how the donation is being used and how it will help the charity. Once the campaign is over, 100% of the donation will be sent directly to the tied charity. We will update you about the progress of the after campaign too!

Bringing the fund in "Fun"Raising

Want to create a sustainable fundraising campaign that is fun and reaches out to the youths? No membership fee, no commission charge, 100% of the fund goes to you. We just want to help.

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